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Top 12 Volleyball Inspirational Quotes For A Winning Team

Quotes are said to be the repetition of someone else’s statement or thoughts possibly on anything, and there are volleyball inspirational quotes that one can profit from.

Have you ever played volleyball? Volleyball, as everyone knows, is a team sport where two teams composed of six players separated by the net tries to score points by grounding the ball on the other team’s side of the court.

Check these inspirational volleyball quotes to make your team keep on winning:

1. Success in Volleyball

Success in Volleyball

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Base on the two things in life there are 10 Laws of Success in Volleyball, the first law is volleyball and the 9 remaining laws are more volleyball.”

2. The Difference between a Volleyball Player and a Soccer Player?

Difference between a Volleyball Player and a Soccer Player

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“A soccer player is an athlete who lives through his own feet while a volleyball player live through his own hands. A soccer player doesn’t spike the ball in the same way that a volleyball player doesn’t kick the ball.”

3. Start Them Young

Start Them Young

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“Starting to play volleyball at the age of 11 or 12? Teach your children well to play volleyball. It’s a lifetime sport for Summer Altice. She is an American fashion model and actress.”

4. Playing According To Rule?

Playing According To Rule

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“Are the referees just plain blind to see? Sometimes the games going too fast so much so that a referee is not making the right call. Or is it the players just forgetting the rules?”

5.  Volleyball: The Art of Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking

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“It’s all in the mind.  Positive thinking attracts positive vibes. So does in volleyball. Players cannot afford to have a defeatist attitude otherwise the result would be disastrous.”

6. Different Day

Different Day

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“Some days are diamond. Some days are stone. Some days are good day for volleyball. It is not every day that you play volleyball.”

7. Date Wanted: Volleyball Player

Date Wanted

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Need I say more?

8. Sometimes You Have Heated Game

Heated Game

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“Just relax and take a deep breath and focus on the ball. A calm mind is a focused mind. Your mind must always follow and anticipate every ball movement and the movement of the opponents.”

9.  Going the Extra Mile

Extra Mile

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“Going the extra miles and testing your limits is sometimes the ultimate test of an athlete.”

10. A passion for Volleyball

Passion For Volleyball

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“A person has some burning desire to play volleyball. Just like anyone else, everyone has his or her own passion or preference for sports.”

11. Faith in Volleyball

Faith in Volleyball

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“Faith not only moves mountains but moves the volleyball. Believing is half of the game won.”

12. All for One and One for All


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“Volleyball is a team sport, not an individual sport. Success is the credit of all the players in the team. No such thing as one man army in volleyball.”

The physical and mental pressure of volleyball as a sport is sometimes too taxing for the players. Sometimes the practice becomes too monotonous. In such instances, when your determination and dedication is running dry, these  volleyball inspirational quotes will always see you through.

It’s time to serve that ball.

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