how to cum

Easy Tips on How To Cum Like A Porn Star

Ah, so you have fantasies of shooting load after load of cum like Peter North. The problem is the juice you produce just isn’t impressing your girl that much. Just so you know, Mr. North’s ejaculatory prowess is a skill he developed. Because it is a skill, it simply means you also have a good chance to develop it yourself. You can learn how to cum voluminously if you follow our simple advice. For sure, your girl will be in awe once you know how to cum like a porn star.

Here’s a rundown of things you should do so that you can produce a huge load:

Eat Right, Exercise, Drink Lots of Water and Stay Healthy

Studies have shown that men produce more sperm when they are healthy. Exercise also boosts testosterone, and testosterone is a key ingredient in sperm production. Eating right also has numerous benefits to seminal fluid production. You have to choose the right food and stay away from stuff that can affect taste and smell (meat products and asparagus are known to affect semen odor).

Water also helps. Drink up lots of liquid to replenish the fluids lost. By eating right, exercising and staying healthy, you not only increase your sperm production, but you also increase your sex drive. Your partner will be truly pleased if you follow this advice.

Herbs are Your Friends

Ancient Chinese medicine has long ago discovered that certain plants and herbs increase sperm production. If you want to shoot and not just spurt, you need the help of herbal food supplements. Several products like Semenax, Maxocum, Vimax Volume and Yohimbe are supplements you can get easily on the internet.

Stop Spanking your Monkey

No wonder your dick goes kaput, you’ve been wanking non-stop. Limit masturbating or having sex for several days and you’ll realize that you’ll cum so much more.  However, this may be easier said than done for most guys. Just think of the end result to get you through this challenge—cumming like a porn star.

how to cum

Don’t Go for Immediate Gratification and Save Everything Up for that One Special Time

Delay gratification and stop ramming her if you feel you’re about to come. What you’re doing is you’re building up the tension inside you. In turn, your nads produce more cum coming from all this start-stop excitement. Let go of a glorious squirt once you’re up and ready to go.

Do Ball Clenching Exercises

Clench your balls while sitting down and not doing anything remotely significant. This exercise will increase the power of your squirts dramatically. This technique or exercise is what is used by porn stars to enable them to shoot their cum up to 2 meters.

I bet you’re now itching to try these methods just to impress your girl. Go ahead and be our guest. But don’t expect overnight results. It takes time for you to build up the right volume. But with a healthy lifestyle, some supplements and by following the other tips you find here you’re on your way to a cumtastic sex life.

Now that you know how to cum like a porn star – are you ready to give it a try?

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